Christoph's Page

Somewhere along the way time was coming to be engaged with homepages and internet. In comparision to many of my friends it takes long, but "good work needs time" as a German saying means. In a HTML book the preface says "... no one will tell us, he buys a domain and creates pages, just to say: I'm also visible in the Web." But indeed, similar it was with me. I feel it is simply exciting what possibilities - also in the future - the Web offers. And there is a lot of creative capability. Hence I plan to have always some experimental pages. Particulary I will check the numerous features of Typo3. So you may be anxious on the coming.

To prevent the impression, I'm not the typical hacker. Originally I did like  more the creative handcraft, than the computer works. Ok, times are changing - and now I'm sitting rather often at the PC. And it is great fun to see the fantastic possibilities. Though the computer games I do not like at all - such a stupid stuff!

Of course my other hobbys stand behind currently. And thats true, though I'm sitting all day at the "box" during work. Woodcraft and similar things were my first hobbys before. The focus was on the pratical requirements. I designed and build a complete kitchen-line, some chest of drawers and a garage door. All done in my small garage.

In balance to my daily bureau job, sports is very important for me. Suddenly one notices, getting older. So go out jogging in the meadows and the woods! Sometimes my oldest daughter comes along with me. Till now I'm the fastest of us, but I'm afraid this will change soon. At least the power exists at my children. Additionally I do Silat - the Indonesian Kung-Fu variant. It's a sport conveying motility, concentration and persistence.