Alps and Family Bicycle Tours

Alps Bicycle Tours

Alps Crossing 1996 : From the Bodensee to the Comer-See

Alps bicycle tour: Bodensee, Albulapass, Ober-Engadin, Malojapass, Comer-See

Alps Crossing 1999 : From the Rhein to the Rhone

Alps bicycle tour: Bodensee, Vorder-Rheintal, Oberalppass, Furkapass, Rhonetal, Zermatt

Project Alps Crossing 2001 : Rundfahrt durch Tirol

Alps bicycle tour: Mittenwald, Inntal, Ötztal, Timmelsjoch, Jaufenpass, Pfintschjoch, Zillertal, Innsbruck, Mittenwald. This tour is unfortunately till now not made by me, but it describes how it could be done.

Alps Crossing 2001 : From the Montafon to the Engadin

Alps bicycle tour: Oberrheintal, Illtal, Bludenz, Zeinisjoch am Kopsstausee, Paznauntal, Ischgl, über den Pass am Palinkopf, Samnauntal, Unter-Engadin, Ardez, Zernez.

Family Bicycle Tours

Bodensee Tour 2000 : From the Rheinfall to Bregenz

Family bicycle tour: Konstanz, Rheinfall, Insel Reichenau, Unter-Uhldinger Pfahlbauten, Zeppelinmuseum, Bregenz

Bodensee Königssee Bicycle Tour 2004

A boys and fathers bicycle tour using the Bodensee Königssee Bicycle Route: from Lindau am Bodensee, via Stiefenhofen/Oberstauffen, Nesselwang, Füssen, Kochel am See, Gmund, Neubeuern, Traunstein, Bad Reichenhall to Berchtesgaden am Königssee

Odenwald Maintal Bicycle Tour 2005

A men bicycle tour, that is absolutely also suitable for families. From Darmstadt crossing the Odenwald via Otzberg and Breuberg until reaching the river Main and than driving in the Main valley up to Wertheim.

Maintal Rodgau Bicycle Tour 2005

Another bicycle tour of some friends, also suitabel for families. Starting with a train route to Wertheim and cycling back home via Miltenberg, Aschaffenburg and Seligenstadt.

Mountain Walking

Mountain-walking around the Königssee

A cottagetour around the Königssee. Starting from the Carl-von-Stahl House, passing the idyllic Wasser-Alm, the Kärlinger Haus, the Riemann Haus and the Ingolstädter Haus. Every day totally opposite weather - but it was simply great, really!



The motivation to publish these bycyle tour pages is:

  • Taking over some of the work planning a own tour for other cyclists
  • Encourage newcommers to start a vacancy on two wheels and with only muscular strength
  • And - last not least - motvate more cyclists to report there tours in the Internet, so I myselfe and many other cyclists can benefit from

I hope that these travelreports are usefull and helpfull and I want to sent best regards to all visitors.